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12/14/2020 - 5:30AM AREA-GAMES ZAFEST

După o scurtă inactivitate am decis să readucem la viață acest proiect.

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12/14/2020 - 5:30AM TS.AREA-GAMES.RO

În decursul a cinci ani de existență am reușit să dezvoltăm
acest proiect până în pragul în care am fost locul 1 pe România o perioadă bună
de timp, în prezent ne clasăm în cele mai populare servere din clasamentul
mondial, o realizare cu care ne mândrim !

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  1. bye bye >3 for eyes Uzibereta i will not launch nuclear xD

  2. Nuclear will be launch xD hahaha but i will decide time xD sure you can't handle

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    2. HAWK


      ok mate have a nice day , i will comunicate him that :)

    3. Impulse


      i'm not your mate, i just teacher who teach dogs how to respect xD

    4. Impulse


      i'm waiting something before nuclear start, then no one can blame me xD

  3. Man you call me stupid idiot and nub xD you want to see this nuub what can do ? and only who make me moderator can take it back not you xD, no more reply from me, enjoy your time
  4. But bro help people is not bad job, because i know that player is good person and hate good people leave
  5. I'm moderator and my job to help all Forum users, +1 warning ok thanks
  6. Smell info about our server and admins , exactly the females it like a Dog when grow up can be danger xD asking players for emails? want to invite them to another server? Removing [BNCE] is your business? we don't allow advertising.after he explained,did you see he say thanks to me when I say it's ok to use it? ask mad cat? does she agree the gag and ban? have a nice day Mr 14.
  7. Hello, here some solutions: 1- Download Malwarebytes and scan system https://www.malwarebytes.com 2- Auto update windows 10 3- Make sure you did update drivers to last version ( some drivers like USB,Mouse and keyboard need external programs to find the correct driver)
  8. Hello Joe, Unbanned. please enjoy playing in our server, and thanks for visit Area forum.
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