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12/14/2020 - 5:30AM AREA-GAMES ZAFEST

După o scurtă inactivitate am decis să readucem la viață acest proiect.

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12/14/2020 - 5:30AM TS.AREA-GAMES.RO

În decursul a cinci ani de existență am reușit să dezvoltăm
acest proiect până în pragul în care am fost locul 1 pe România o perioadă bună
de timp, în prezent ne clasăm în cele mai populare servere din clasamentul
mondial, o realizare cu care ne mândrim !

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    hello xenonI do not know english you get me out of the game did not work the key number in the game I translate from translate'e I could write you I love your serverice I understand that it will test how my console I do not use tricks just press é do not know enough I'm saying it again, I use the i never use tricks please I did not write to play me. I am an honest person. I know you from the game. You are a true and good person. I wanted to write to you.

  2. [AMXBans] =============================================== [AMXBans] Banned by Admin: RazvaNNN [AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.area-games.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/2345-classic- C2 BB-revenge/ [AMXBans] Reason: 'wall' [AMXBans] Duration: 'permanently' [AMXBans] Your SteamID: 'STEAM_0:0:11994934' [AMXBans] Your IP: '' [AMXBans] =============================================== Hey RazvaN, you banned me because of wall? you know that Iam an admin too? I dont see you at spec so can I see your demo please? greetz xeNon`
  3. ************************************************ Ban Information Name: deadman IP: STEAM_1:0:794068129 Reason: no wg Unban Time: Permanent Ban ************************************************ ^ ************************************************ Ban Information Name: 37-r tochka IP: STEAM_1:0:1155888702 Reason: wall Unban Time: Permanent Ban ************************************************ ************************************************ Ban Information Name: SkyStaR STEAM_1:0:339588322 IP: Reason: [nowg] Unb
  4. ************************************************ Ban Information Name: xeNon` IP: Reason: ALIASURI.IN.CFG Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: GeorgeLLLOS-BRAILeaNu Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:195664383 If you think you were banned unfairly, report this information to our website: https://area-games.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/3892-free-cerere-u ************************************************ Hi, after i killed george a few times he wanted a wg Test. https://imgur.com/a/zeaGckq After that he banned me. Can you say for which reason? ____
  5. Hey, don't worry I dont ban you for no reason and I suspect wh with you. Unfortunately I only have a short demo of you. I can't find the longer demo from last time. So the other admins should help to decide ;) http://www.girlshare.ro/3769963613.9
  6. » Nume in joc : xeNon` » Vârsta : 34 years » STEAM : STEAM_0:0:11994934 » Poti activa pe TeamSpeak3? ( Obligatoriu fără el nu are rost să faceti cererea! ) : yes » Ore jucate : https://www.gametracker.com/player/xeNon`/ » Ai citit regulamentul? : yes » Cuvantul cheie : odobesti
  7. Your nick : xeNon` IP : 2003:ca:4f28:d800:5962:c7fc:443f:d66c IPv4 Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:11994934 The name of the admin who banned you : not.responding Reason : fuck you ************************************************ Ban Information Name: xeNon` SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11994934 Reason: fuck u Unban Time: Permanent Ban Admin Name: not.responding Admin SteamID: VALVE_6:0:2090403679 ************************************************ 1. How is it possible that not.responding got admin rights? 2. I banned this player because of wall
  8. !!!!!! How crazy are you You??? You want to be an admin and use aim and wall? http://www.girlshare.ro/3769943291.4
  9. Name: rroota IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:1046127166 Reason: wh Unban Time: Permanent Ban _____________________________________ Name: Neo' IP: Steam: STEAM_1:1:1001290544 Reason: no wg Unban Time: Permanent Ban ______________________________________ Name: empty IP: Steam: STEAM_1:1:1732414928 Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban ______________________________________ Name: xa4ik IP: Steam: VALVE_6:0:1555011924 Reason: wh Unb
  10. Name: MIGOUANE IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:1790303410 Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban ______________________________________ Name: WaSeeM IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:287575382 Reason: wh Unban Time: Permanent Ban _____________________________________ Name: ^ IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:1330156496 Reason: no SS Unban Time: Permanent Ban __________________________________ Name: bebe_pac_pac IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:1425947937 Reason: no SS
  11. Name: who IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:1706528886 Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban ___________________________________ Name: Gelutu IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:2139616076 Reason: aim Unban Time: Permanent Ban __________________________________ Name: umaima IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:557970552 Reason: aim+wh Unban Time: Permanent Ban _________________________________ Name: TheLionKingBG IP: Steam: STEAM_1:0:661730729 Reason: aim Unb
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